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    Large cylinder forgings

    The main ways of heat treatment and quenching of cylinder block forgings are as follows:1. Heat treatment of immersion quenching of cylinder body forgingsThe immersion hardening of cylinder block forg

    • Inspection: Ultrasonic Testing
    • Metallographic test: Conformity
    • Forgings mechanical property: Conformity
    • Forgings spectrum detection: Conformity
    • Forgings chemical analyze: Conformity
    • Specification: Customized
    • technology: forge
    • Dimensions: 4200mm
    • Material: 304L
    • Application: Chemical, hydraulic machinery, pressure vessel, etc.

    The main ways of heat treatment and quenching of cylinder block forgings are as follows:

    1. Heat treatment of immersion quenching of cylinder body forgings

    The immersion hardening of cylinder block forging requires internal and external wall cooling. The flow state of the water inside and outside the cylinder forgings is different, and the cooling rate of the inner wall is slower than that of the outer wall. The cooling effect after quenching mainly depends on the temperature and flow state of the water. Therefore, the temperature of cooling water is determined by the amount of water in the cooling pond and the amount of circulating water.

    2. Heat treatment of cylinder Forgings: water jet quenching:

    There will be no temperature rise during the quenching process of the cylinder forgings. Water jet quenching is a process of high velocity impact of high pressure cooling water on the surface of heat pipe forgings, the heat exchange of constant temperature cooling water jet and the surface of the workpiece, liquid vaporization and heat ABS quenching. Adsorbent。 Because the droplet movement is fast, no steam film is formed, the water droplet will not overheat too late, and the new cold water dripping water will continue to replenish. The cooling process always ensures the maximum temperature difference, thereby improving the quenching process. For the same forging, the performance after water quenching is better than that after immersion quenching, and good uniformity can be obtained.

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